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The One Lonely Truth
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Date:2006-04-07 06:41
Mood: crazy

I think I'll see Trillion again. Maybe tomorrow if I can't do it today. I don't know why I enjoy talking to a hologram so much, it defies my logic and personality. Why I can open up to machines and not to my own Masters is beyond me. But she's special somehow. It's like...she isn't judging you like any living thing does, she just accepts that you are who you are and that changes nothing about how she treats you. I must be crazy, I have to be.

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Date:2006-03-14 15:02
Mood: complacent

This has been an odd time. Just asfter getting back Alexis leaves, we find this girl who turned out to have no Ashla ability at all, and I'm saved by a hooded Jedi named Sib. Braya's worried about Alexis still, she may still be waiting in the main hall for him. Sometimes I wonder if they share more than friendship...

I wonder when everyone will get back so we can go to the main temple and I can see Sib again. He said he'd teach me and I intend to hold him to it. He seemed really nice, he might be a little more friendly once you get to know him. Next time I see him I'm making sure that Braya is with me, she can see more than I can.

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Date:2006-03-09 18:05
Subject:Order for Obi-Wan!
Mood: artistic

I was talking with obi_wan and I offered to do some drawings. So I did, but they're mostly sketches. Finals are next week so I'm trying to study for those and everything so I might not be on much next week. I was bored out of my skull today though so I drew a bit. So yeah...here we go:

Sib Belin
This is still sketchy, though a little better than it once was. It's supposed to be Sib looking down at the chaos in the market square.

Alexis Renvar
This is half finished, it still needs to be colored completely, be given a background, work on Alexis's cape thingy, and the other people have to be finished. But Alexis, for the most part, is finished. I'm gonna work on his eyes, hair, cape, may or may not on his mouth.

This is Alexis facing down the guards in the market after Alora's run away. Yeah, I know the lightsaber isn't the right color, that's the only color i can get for the line tool though so I'm gonna have to deal with it. I love his expression though...^_^ ignore the Dante...nes

Braya Averre
Yeah, I know it doesn't count, I just like to say I'm doing something.

And always remember to...

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Date:2006-03-08 06:32
Mood: anxious

"Life is simple, the weak die and the strong live. The strong, often believeing they are 'good' or 'pure', will steal from the weak and call it 'help'. Let me explain that a little better to you, my sweet princess. Jedi are a good example, I shall use them. Let us say that you are seperated from your father and me, you're lost. And a Jedi finds you. If he was extremely strong he would take you all around the galaxy looking for us, until you were finally returned to us. What he has just done is usually mistaken for kindness, it is greed. He has stolen from you what you should have learned yourself, so he has now prevented you from growing. In this way, those in power will keep the power and those who are not will only let it slide through their fingers. So, is the world as we truely see it, young Alora?"

And that is what my mother said the day before I was sold off.

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Date:2006-03-04 17:55
Subject:Memoirs of a Twi'lek Slave
Mood: pensive

Glupor commanded his Rodian slave to dance faster. She could not comply, she hadn't eaten in so long and hadn't been able to sleep all week, she just couldn't do it. Glupor commanded one of his Gamorreans to take her away to the Kath Hounds. The woman screamed in horror as the giant pig pulled her away with ease. "Alora, my sweet, dance for me!" the overly obese human shouted, yanking on her chains. She immediatley got up and started to dance. She was his only Twi'lek slave, twi'leks were expensive slaves, and the most valued of all the slaves for her smooth movements and rarity. She mimicked water as she flowed over the stage, mesmerizing Glupor's audience. Attention was taken from the human strippers, dancing on their polls out front, and went to her, twin waterfalls of blood cascading into a stream on Glupor's center stage. Glupor laughed and drunkenly waved around his goblet, spilling his drink all over. She twisted around like a snake, hypnotizing her prey. Alora never slowed, never faultered. She rather pass out and be killed than stop and be killed, at least she would know there was nothing she could do if that was the case. Her audience started to grab at her, they all wanted a piece of the exotic rose. Glupor commanded her to come back after that and made the crowd calm down. He held her chains tight so that she was resting against his side on his seat of cushions. He ran his free hand over her lekku as a cathar slave held his drink and food. She wanted so badly to kill him...

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Date:2006-03-03 23:41
Mood: indescribable

I hate noodles, including noodle stands. Partly because they taste like burnt hutt meat and partly because they get you into trouble.

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